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Treating Mild Urinary Incontinence

Treating Mild Urinary Incontinence

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You've seen the ads (they're everywhere).  "You can be protected, stay dry and feel pretty!"  They come in many sizes and shapes!  They come with flowers and beautiful designs!  The ads make you think they may even be a desirable thing to buy.  At the end of the day, though, let's face it, they're just diapers for adults.  And a bit depressing, because you actually ARE thinking about buying them.  Projections are that the sale of adult hygiene and protective gear such as stay dry underwear, hygienic pads and adult diapers will exceed the sale of baby diapers by the year 2020.

For those of us who have experienced it, that leaking feeling can really take the wind out of your sails.  Mild to moderate urinary incontinence can be in convenient, such as losing urine when jumping rope or interrupting our golf game to find a restroom.  And the options available to deal with this issue are some combination of expensive, invasive and embarrassing.  There are medicines to help your bladder relax, surgery with associated risks, or a lifestyle that includes trips to the local pharmacy to buy flowered protective hygiene materials.

“According to the National Association for Continence, more than 25 million women suffer from some form of in continence.  The most common is "stress" incontinence: the leaking of urine cause by coughing, sneezing or exercise.  The other common form is "urge" incontinence, characterized by an uncontrollable urge to urinate, usually on very short notice; which can result in accidents.”

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Both men and women can experience "Nocturia", which means frequent trips to the bathroom at night, which interrupts sleep patterns.  Needless to say, incontinence has negative effect on the lifestyle and confidence of those affected.


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The staff at Skin Restoration is excited to announce what we think is the most promising option for those with mild to moderate urinary incontinence.  The EMSELLA is an FDA approved, breakthrough technology that is mow being offered by urology and gynecology specialists throughout the country.  We are the first in the Quad Cities area to make this treatment available.  EMSELLA is a chair that uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to stimulate pelvic muscle contractions.  Sitting on this chair for 25 minutes stimulates the body to perform over 11,000 Kegel exercises (more than most people can do in a year).

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After six treatments, individuals report having stronger pelvic muscles and better control of urinary function.  The usual treatment regimen is two treatments per week for three weeks, although this treatment plan is sometimes adjusted according to individual needs.  An EMSELLA treatment is painless and noninvasive.  Individuals remain fully clothed and there is no down time.  This is one of the simplest procedures a woman could do for herself!

“Scientific studies report that 95 percent of patients treated with EMSELLA report an improvement in their quality of life.  After a treatment series, patients report that they reduce or can fully eliminate the use of hygienic pads.  They also have fewer or no night-time bathroom trips, and frequent urges change to normal sensation.  As a secondary benefit of having stronger muscles, many women report that they have stronger, more pleasurable sexual orgasms.  In short, their lives have gotten easier and better!”

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Just a word of caution: nothing can replace the relationship you have with your Primary Care Provider.  If you are experiencing urinary incontinence, talk to your provider to rule out any underlying illnesses or complications.  For uncomplicated urinary incontinence caused by pelvic floor weakness: EMSELLA can help.


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