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What is the Skin Restoration Center?

Skin Restoration Center is a treatment based clinic with a staff who are committed to providing the very best results possible in non-invasive medical aesthetics.  We'll partner with you to make the most informed decisions about your skin and help you to reveal the very best YOU!


carol2 Prescott\'s Premier Aesthetic Clinic


Carol is a Nurse Practitioner and the Founder and Director of Skin Restoration. In addition to her years of hospital experience,  she has a decade of aesthetic injection experience  and holds the Prestigous title of Certified Master Injector. She  has been a professor for graduate studies at ASU Nursing Practitioners program and she  has mentored and taught several nurses in the aesthetic industry.   Carol believes that continuously learning and teaching are fundamental to success. At Skin Restoration, she particularly enjoys helping them make good choices to care for their appearance.

laurapurdy Prescott\'s Premier Aesthetic Clinic

Laura Purdy BA,
LE, RF Technician, Laser intern 

Laura  is a Licensed Aesthetician, and an a RF Technician.  She works at the desk on Mondays and administers RF treatments and aesthetic treatments on the other days.  She is also a Laser tech intern in the final phases of obtaining her Arizona license to practice with laser.   Her knowledge of  skin care products and how to use them properly has benefited the individuals she works with.     

drpaulholden Prescott\'s Premier Aesthetic Clinic

Dr. Paul K. Holden

Dr Holden is one of a few select Board Certified head and neck surgeons who serves the Quad City residents by holding clinic days at the Skin Restoration Center.  He a published author and is regarded as an expert, researcher,  and consultant in the field of facial reconstructive surgery.  He particularly focus is to produce beautiful natural results for each individual.  

miniccisheetz Prescott\'s Premier Aesthetic Clinic

Minicci Sheetz, BA, RF technician, laser intern 

Minicci is an active member of the Skin Restoration Team, working as a Business Associate and also a Radiofrquency Technician.   She is also a laser intern and has recently completed the state requirements to be a Laser technician also.   Minicci's professionalism and  expertise with all matters relating to customer service are important to creating  a five star patient experience at Skin Restoration.       

loridion Prescott\'s Premier Aesthetic Clinic


Lori Dion is a registered nurse who has extensive experience taking care of people in various roles.   She spent three years at a Medspa in another state where she administered Botox and other aesthetic treatments.  Following her relocation to Prescott, she was a dedicated member of the "open heart" surgical team at YRMC. for six years.  She cut back her presence at YRMC to spend more time with us at the Skin Restoration Center where she enjoys administering Botox, dermal fillers, and IV nutritional therapy.   Lori's easy going and considerate manner create a very pleasant environment for staff and patients alike.

shenawhitmer Prescott\'s Premier Aesthetic Clinic

Shena whitmer 

Shena Whitmore is the newest member of the team at The Skin Restoration Center.  She works at the desk and looks after the needs of patients on Thursday and Friday.  Shena has a background in taking care of people, in that she is a Master prepared counsellor.  She has recently completed her Skin Ceutical training and is eager to help patients select the right products for their skin. She also works to help  with various aspects of marketing and patient communication.  Shena loves to connect with people and looks forward to helping everyone who calls. 


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