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In order to maintain healthy, beautiful skin proper maintenance is required.  Skin Restoration offers a wide variety of medical grade facials, treatments, and products  to speed your journey to great skin.  We carry multiple lines of Skin Care including ZO by Dr. Obagi, Skin Medica and Neova. 

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Do you need information or advice about your skin or appearance?  You are welcome to a free consult of up to 30 minutes with a Medical Professional to discuss treatment options.

Our menu of Customized Facials include treatments for brightening, stimulating, and moisturizing.  Our Signature Facials include a relaxing Pumpkin Facial, a facial for winter skin and much more.  We also use a Skin Pen and Aqua Gold mesotherapy to stimulate collagen and fine tune the skin surface.  To keep your whole body pampered, we have a Back Facial, hand peels, leg peels and peels for the neck and declotte!

Signature Facials 

Our Favorites

Relax with us while receiving one of our Signature Facials.  Choose from a Stimulating Facial, a Relaxing Facial, a Gentlemens Facial, a Back Facial or a Skin Fusion facial.  A Skin Fusion facial incorporates 3 in 1 technology for maximum results. Skin Fusion simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses serums to leave your skin deeply cleansed and glowing.   

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Medical Grade Peels

Skin Ceuticals & ZO

Peels are often used to maintain glowing texture or to reduce hyper pigmentation (dark spots or areas).  In addition to the face, we also have peels for the neck, declotte, hands, arms and legs to keep your whole body at it's best. 

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Permanent makeup & Microblading

Permanent cosmetics, also known as microblading, microstroking, 3D permanent brows, or dermal cosmetics is a form of cosmetic tattooing. Permanent cosmetic application uses tiny needles and various techniques to implant pigments into the skin for a more defined shape. The tattooing is considered permanent, however, may fade over a period of 1-3 years. A yearly touch up is recommended. What a great way to make your morning "get ready" routine easier ! 

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Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash extensions are applied to the original lashes to enhance the length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. Lash treatments  are available in classic, hybrid, and volumizing  style to best enhance your eyes, face shape, and skin type.  The treatment skips the morning "prep" routine allows your lashes to be beautiful at all hours of the day!   

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The EXCEED or Microneedle is used to stimulate collagen, to soften fine lines and improve skin turgor and texture.  This treatment can be given with hyaluronic acid, Regenerative allograft or Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). 

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We are proud to offer several brands of Medical Grade Skin Care

ZO® Skin Health

Dr. Zein Obagi

We carry a full line of ZO® Skin Health 

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We also carry the following select products


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